The true universal wallet.

Common allows you to transfer cryptocurrencies through the Aleph network.

You can finally send and receive your favorite crypto in seconds.

Blazingly Fast

Common is based on Aleph — one of the fastest and most scalable platforms in the blockchain space

Absolutely Minimal Fees

Aleph is mining-free, with minimal fees. You get feeless transactions for simple balance transfers once cryptocurrency is in your Common Wallet.

Completely Trustless

Common has the same security guarantees as the Aleph platform for your cryptocurrency.

We love our users

Which is why our #1 focus in building Common is user friendliness, beautiful design, and silky smooth operations.

Common is an everyday tool

Use your crypto funds like real money - pay for anything you want, just more securely.

One step closer to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

Common allows you to instantly send and receive crypto transactions.

  1. Welcome to Revolut for crypto — a world where you can freely transact.
  2. Security is our number one priority. Common is built on Aleph — one of the most secure, scalable, and fast platforms in the industry.
  3. With Common, you own your private keys — we don't have access to your funds.


Common is also a great tool for exchange owners. You can include the technology in your platform.

  1. Neither Common nor Aleph Zero have access to your users' funds.
  2. You enable your users to do arbitrage faster and in a more secure way — yet another USP for your exchange!

Everyday users
exchange owners

Common is built as a tool for both P2P transactions, and exchange owners

For Everyday Users

Use crypto as an instant payment mechanism. Send funds to another Common user or business to have them delivered in seconds!

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For Exchange Owners

Implement Common in your exchange and let your users do arbitrage faster and more efficiently. With Common, You just discovered your next USP!

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Do you want to send your favorite crypto in 5 seconds?


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